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Concrete done right.../ Increases Project Profits Reduces Repair Costs Ensures Confident Homeownership Guarantees Solid Buildings


Concrete is the worlds most prominent building material and the Concrete Finishing Trades are key to successful construction outcomes.

Poorly installed concrete directly effects other trades. Just ask the flooring industry!

In 2021, concrete is the least understood trade in construction.

From Boardrooms...
  →  Selecting lowest bid concrete sub-trades
  →  To developing cut and past contract specifications

To the jobs-sites...
  →  Lack of coordination understanding
  →   And site specific concrete knowledge

  →  expensive remidiation costs
  →  unsafe building practices
  →  added time to project schedules
  →  the permanent nature of concrete done wrong

NEW! CNT ConCrete, a division of Canadian National Trades, bridges the concrete gap.

CNT ConCrete ensures all the 'moving' parts of concrete are coordinated to positively affect large and small project outcomes.
Services include:
  →  Coordination
  →  Specifications
  →  Quality Evaluations
  →  Contracting
  →  Stakeholder Training
  →  Stakeholder development

Project Owners save significant time and money by doing concrete right the first time!

We understand concrete.
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CNT ConCrete works with Project Owners and Developers to increase profits, by reducing remidiation costs and positively affecting sub-trade efficiency and projects construction schedule. How? Do concrete right the first time.

CNT ConCrete works with Home Owners to provide technical support and quality inspections instilling confidence that the most important building material on the property is done right.

CNT ConCrete offers General Contractors, Government, and Specialty Builders consulting services to address concrete on their builds.

CNT ConCrete also works with Stakeholders in providing educational workshops and training sessions to Construction Managers, Site Supervisors, and Coordinators.

Invest in your project staff, whether they are in the office or on the job, CNT ConCrete ensures participants build their knowledge and understanding base regarding all the 'moving' parts of concrete of their projects.


CNT ConCrete builds services to address the needs of the project. No two projects are the same. Flexibility is key to filling the concrete gap for all projects, small and large.


Concrete affects a projects designs, its building schedule, as well as other construction and finishing trades building capabilities. CNT ConCrete saves time and money, by ensuring all limitations and considerations identified during planning.

Concrete Trade

All the planning and specifications are mute if all that is considered is a lowest priced concrete crew. CNT ConCrete partners with Concrete Canada, Forming, Placing, Finishing, and Repair Association to find the right concrete crew fit for the project.


Devil is in the detail. Be specific and complete on the scope and responsibilities of the concrete trade. CNT ConCrete works directly with Owners, Architects, Engineers, Designers, GC's, Spec. Writers and Government to reflect measurable outcomes.

Educational Workshops

CNT ConCrete offers educational concrete workshop for construction staff and industry professionals, filling in knowledge and informational gaps for Architecs, Spec Writers, Structural Engineers, Government, as well as General Contractors Project Managers, Site Supers, or Office Coordinators.


CNT ConCrete offers administrative services, including pour plans, quality inspection reports, pour-day coordination, etc.

Concrete Trades

The Concrete Trades. Making It Happen.


The CNT ConCrete's Team is comprised of a cross section of working professionals, who have joined together to ensure clients and new comers to the trade are provided with 21st century, relevant, practical knowledge, skills, and understanding.

Construction Trade

Recruitment → Training

Concrete Finishing

Residential → Commercial → Industrial

Specialty Concrete

Finishing → Decorative

Complete Project

Site Prep → Forming → Finishing

JKJ Designs

Design → Social Media


Developers: Save money and time. Do concrete right.

Homeowners: Confidence in the most important building material on your property.

Employers: Access a 'New Generation' trade. We vet them → then you vet them. FREE of Charge.

New Workers: Earn while you learn. NEW! Module training program, keeps you on the job, while learning.

🗹 Concrete Done Right


  • Home Project • Assesments
  • Rebar/Forming • Inspections
  • Concrete • Quality control
  • Design • Guide
  • Trade • Vetting
  • Templates • Verify Concrete Pricing
🗹 Save $ Increase Profits


  • Project Scope • Review / Harmonize
  • Architects • Concrete Guide - dos & donts
  • Specification • Develop / Define
  • Trade • Vet / Evaluate
  • Establish • Concrete Quote
  • Concrete Pour • Coordination / Management
🗹 New Gen Workforce


  • New Workforce • Attract / Vet
  • Existing Labour Force • Evaluate
  • Training • Full Crew - Forming To finishing
  • Training • Individuals / New Workers
  • PartnershipConcrete Canada Assoc.
  • Contracts & Specs • Become Savy


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